The beauty of snow

by Terry on 15 Jan


With the New Year well and truly upon us, winter has settled in with short, dark days and temperatures below zero it is hard not to get carried away by a stunning season.

The cold can portray the most beautiful snowy scenes, presenting a white carpet across the hills and breaking busy cities to a standstill. A home can be turned into your permanent winter wonderland with the delicate interior design to shape a room of building in a calm scene with cream stripe wallpaper to complement the changing shades and colors of the room.

Creating your ideal winter wonderland

This ideal and sublime interior decorating can be be used in any home using a wide-ranging set of fabrics and layouts to make the very best of a room applying white damask wallpaper from my design library giving you the perfect set of options to create a delicate winter wonderland.

This can all be made with the use of so many subtle variations that allow for white and cream colorings across the room to provide far more than may initially meet the eye with the clever use of white painted furniture to add to the atmosphere for perfect clear calm and create the ultimate winter relaxing area to replicate the views of snow-covered hills.

A calm environment can be developed with the use of unique and subtle patterns across the room to provide the intricacies or perfect piece of interior design, offering white silk taffeta and white and beige toile de jouy to improve the design further. The choice of each element in the room’s design can be adapted to individual taste and style. White sisal carpet or silver wall sconces on cream strie wallpaper can be used to add to the impending winter wonderland feeling.


















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