Here is what you can expect should you commission Terry Sullivan and how the process of working with her on designing your interior will go.

First, you’ll meet with Terry to discuss your tastes and the scope of the project.

Terry will then produce a set of drawings and samples to showcase the design scheme. This will typically include a full color scheme, samples of finishes, coverings for the walls, floors and ceilings. You’ll also see how your lighting and window schemes will look.

The drawings at this stage will show a suggested layout of movable furniture and furnishings. Any bespoke cabinet work, structural details and other building projects will be shown together with simple drawings of their proposed layout and design.

In discussion with you, Terry can revise these initial plans before they are approved and the process moves from concept to execution.

Terry will then start to assemble a selection of the required furniture, furnishings, fittings and so on and explore designing or commissioning bespoke items.

A proposal detailing this selection process will need to be approved by you before Terry goes ahead with purchasing or commissioning. It’s possible that other contractors will be needed to complete the work and their engagement will be discussed at this stage. Terry only works with the best craftspeople and will recommend them, although they will be contracted to you.

Only after the full scheme and its costing have been approved by you in writing will Terry go ahead. There is no mark-up on items Terry purchases – the cost to you is the same as the cost to her. A deposit will be paid at this stage.

Once work on the project begins, Terry will take on a watching brief, but will not be a constant presence during the completion of the work.