Terry Sullivan Interiors, LLC

Launched in 1987, the firm is lead by Terry Sullivan, a nationally-renowned designer, listed as one of America’s top designers in House Beautiful and Elle Décor magazine. Also published in The Modern Estate, The Washington Post and Connoisseur, Terry Sullivan Interiors LLC collaborates with the most prestigious architects, artisans and antiquarians in New York and maintains a list of clientele from both the US and Europe. Being able to interpret the unique style, design preferences and lifestyles of our clients into our suggestions for their homes is what has made Terry Sullivan Interiors LLC the preferred choice for our discerning clients.

Terry Sullivan received her degree in Interior Design from Mt. Vernon College (now George Washington University) in Washington DC. Studies at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, France and an internship with Mr. Clement Conger, Curator of the White House were both integral in influencing the direction of her design career. Ms. Sullivan had the privilege of beginning her design career at the prestigious decorating firm of Parish-Hadley, where she served as the sole-assistant to Interior Designer, Bunny Williams. It was also at Parish-Hadley that Ms. Sullivan initially developed her relationship with architects, Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian, who have since distinguished themselves through their partnership firm of Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, LLP of New York City as well as architects, John Murray and John Tackett.

Professional Collaboration It was during these early years working with creative professionals like Interior Designers Albert Hadley, Mrs. Parish and Bunny Williams, several talented landscape architects and the architects mentioned above, that Terry Sullivan discovered the unique design partnership that can develop when design professionals of different disciplines combine their creative energies together on a project. This type of collaborative working relationship with the finest firms in the design community has become a hallmark of Terry Sullivan Interiors LLC and one that our clients have most appreciated.

The Beauty of Life is captured in timeless, Classical American interiors through the distinguished designs of Terry Sullivan Interiors, LLC of New York City.